I'm Hazel Angeli Cervantes Lapastora, 24 yrs old. Working to practice my profession as a young architect.

I have a lot things to say, but I'm not really good in communicating. There are times I forget what I'm saying nor I stutter a bit while I'm talking. I love to narrate my everyday experience and as a young child I always keep diaries/journal/scrapbook with me. But when I was in college, I had a hard time to bring those heavy stuffs with me, so I considered creating a blog last 2007. But then, due to lack of internet and a laptop to carry around with me all the time (I rent a room in a boarding house near the university where I'm studying at), I wasn't able to update it continuously. So now that I have those blogging necessities, I push through my blogging experience on 2010.

My blog is merely a combination of random thoughts, experiences, reviews, tutorials, shared works and anything I wanted to contribute. My first aim was to share my experience, (like architecturally related stuffs, techie problems, etc) so that I could help other people. Second, posting photos in a real scrap journal is a time consuming activity, and isn't it nice to see photos every time you take a look through of your timeline? Third, I want to be famous (lol, just joking). Blog is also a good tool to update your friends. Aside from FB, which look like doing spamming if you try to put your everyday life there. I don't want every person I know to see what's happening to me. I prefer strangers and some blogging friends. (ironic statement)

What really interests me are anything related to art, like architecture, fashion and anything artsy fartsy I'm so amazed to look at. I also like witchcraft, influenced by Harry Potter, tehee, and mythical forces but I don't know why, so someday I might study Wicca?

I'm an animal lover, since my early days I'm surrounded by this cushiony lil friends. I have this instinct to save these innocent animals than humans. :p Now, we have 9 cats and 3 dogs with us, but I consider to be my favorite is Utoy, an aspin (asong pinoy) and the sweetest dog in the world, ever.

I'm a Pisces, so I'm a daydreamer, sometimes I caught myself dreaming more than doing the reality, which is not a good thing. hahaha.

My blog is named from yours truly, both hazel and angeli came from the names of a bushy plant and a small shrub. And obviously, dictated by my header photo, I have a very bushy hair. So I make use of "bushyshrub", cause it sounds interesting for me and it really defines me well. :)
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