Monday, October 06, 2014


Can't stop myself from thinking of him,
Now I felt how mistresses feels.
Unending sufferings and thoughts that kills.
Waiting for your call is like a blue moon.
And still she occupies every sentence you speak.
I like you is not enough with this tear.
I love you is the worst thing that you don't want to hear.
 Call me crazy, but I love to smell the smoke from your mouth.
I want to feel again your lips pressing against mine.
I want to hug and smell your perfume.
I want to fall in love with you.
I want to be with you.
I want you.
I want you to be mine.
I want you to love me like how you love her.
 Our memories are vivid, like our love that's so tepid.
I see a different light, you look at it with fright.
Maybe it's wrong, but this is my choice.
I left the path to Orion, to be with an Oragon.
Blow the breeze into this intricate gaps.
Together, we'll conquer your fears and make it collapse.
Follow what matters to you.
What I really care for is that I love you.
 You smile, but behind
is an expressionless face
looking past me.
 You're like the sunshine, so warm & hot on my skin.
Slipping through my pores, Getting deeper inside my bones.
Piercing my mind, Pushing til I'm numb.
You walk into my every part,
Aims through my heart.
 Our love is a blissful setting.
I'm scared that I might destroy it with my love itself.

 Too much love is destructive.
I'm scared that I might ruin the blissful haven that we have.

Nagdikit na balat,
ito ba ay dagitab?
Nakilala kang lubos,
Parang nais mamalimos.
Di mapakali sa isusuot na damit.
Upang puso mo'y aking makamit.
Ako'y nananabik sa iyong halik.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

blogging is not for everyone

Hi again, after an infinite time, I realized how blogging is not as simply as how a lot of people overlook it. I'm so proud of myself for creating and maintaining a blog while I'm still studying last last school year. huhu. But now, why, why is this happening to me?

I feel the inspiration coming to me while I'm in the inconvenient place to blog. But when the time of the day comes that I dedicate for blogging and I'm at the front of my laptop, the inspiration suddenly pops out and vanished. And I'm left mouth hanging, choosing to browse over random stuffs on facebook, and leads to unlimited random articles from thoughtcatalog, thinkinghumanity, boredpanda, youtube, whereinmanila, pinterest, instagram, google....and long list goes on. -_-

So now, I googled "how to be inspired on blogging again", searched nothing interesting. Next, googled "inspiration and motivation to blog again", nothing inspiring for me either, to "top cute hipster fashion blog"still nothing. And so I browse over my very own blog. And huh! I found inspiration. I pity my old self for having this full time effort before and now I'm just wasting it. Oh no! No! No, no, this cannot be happening. So thank you dear old self. haha, and you're cutie patootie posts, and I'm refreshed to do this again. Yes! Blogging is a commitment, I found an article about blogging and how every bloggers dedicate their time and effort for their blogs, I'll link it later.

Many many many things happened on my year of being inactive blogger, I saw that my blog posts revolves more on my personal experiences, and I guess there is nothing wrong on sharing my very own slice of life:

+Still working on an architectural firm, still struggling on my other passion.

+Discovered a lot of new food hubs and metro adventure, will post it here.

+Still testing on some products and alternatives, but I chose to review only those nice stuff and do not mention on the not so good ones, to avoid bad publicity.

+I'm planning on working abroad, maybe a month from now. That's why it's a must to re-open this blog.

+I'm currently in a new relationship. I'll introduce him here soon.

Tomorrow, I'll blog an outfit, I swear on the moon and stars above.

Good read in relation to my musings:

Sunday, May 04, 2014

hello hello hello.... summer

Oh, the heat is here again. Gah, if not because of the sparkling effect that the sunshine produces on my photos, I wouldn't love summer. Thanks to the crisp filter it gives or else Ill curse the sticky and head-nauseating heat waves I experience here and there.

This season is for fun. Ugh. Hence I have no time to be productive. So sorry, but I'm still trying. So here are some of unexpected photos I produced, with my phone. LOL. Oh no, I abandoned Snow (my dear point and shoot) because I caught myself loving Lumi (my windows phone) even more now.

The first three photos are taken in Club Balai Isabel, Batangas. The fourth is from a walk early morning to our office along Makati Avenue and the last two are from Cubao Expo in Quezon City. And to just save myself or my blog from being unproductive, here's an artwork of a dear friend of mine.

Nino - In bloom :)
And here's a playlist I made that I think quiet fits my April.

Monday, April 21, 2014

After how many failed attempts to blog again

Hi! For sure, no one will see this, as my small number of readers have already forgotten me. Oh no! It's like going back to 0 again. *mecries

But I don't care. What really matter now is that I'm back to the thing that makes me happy. A lot happened. And it will be a bore to narrate each one of them. Let's just say that we will just recap those moments if the situation calls for it. But for now I'm making this post to just start again!

And here's a repetitive photos of me that you (uh, if anyone is reading) surely missed!
I know, I'm getting fatter and fatter. But I'm working on it, a little. haha. But if I can't, oh well, what's important is that we are healthy, right? :P (excuses)

It's getting late. And I promise that this is the start of another great blogging experience. Happy Monday everyone!

PS. I'm thinking of:
  • doing some reviews on products that I've been spending mostly of my wage. :P
  • re-opening Eclectic shop, with more of a DIY stuff
  • revamping my room, as you can see on the picture, nothing has changed,

Sunday, June 02, 2013

tuesdays with mori girl

I made my own flower crown and have a new job that will start on Monday. I'm so tense, hope I'll do well with my work.

And to celebrate my small accomplishment, I bought a new shoes from my favorite shop, forever 21. And because it has floral prints and I also wanted to use my new crown, I end up dressing up like a mori girl.

This look should have been taken outside with a forest vibe or grassland backdrop but I can't go out because my papa just got home from his work outside our country and I wanted to spend my weekend with him. So just bear with me and wish me luck with my new job!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Eimear O'Reilly

I was commisioned by Eimear of to do an illustration to serve as her blogger profile picture. I do hope she'll like this one.

I made 5 different color palette because I'm very indecisive on stuff like this, but at the end I always follow my heart so I came up with the one with rose background (as can be seen above). Because Eimear seems like a rose to me. <3

bucket list

Way back 2005, I don't know what bucket list is, I just knew that there are things that I wanted to do / try with my life. As Hans and I browse over my very scrapy book (from high school), I remembered that I have that list, and I placed it here to see if some had already been fulfilled or failed:
1. Travel around the globe 

2. Do belly dance ~ almost if I wasn't able to graduate last academic year

3. Learn to play the piano  I give up

4. Discover never been to restaurant / foodshop with the boyfriend we're currently working on it

5. Do bungee jumping

6. Do wake boarding ~ almost, but we're planning to do this soon

7. Wear clothes designed by me ~ ugh, still learning how to sew >_< 

8. Take up Engineering course outside the country ~ no more engineering for me, but maybe studying abroad
9. Do scuba diving

10. Be a church choir ~ whut? WHY?

11. Be a great dancer ~ OK?

12. Design David Archuleta's and Daniel Radcliffe's house 

13. Collect Blythe dolls

14. Ride an air balloon

15. Do water rafting

16. Fly a kite  ~ already did this in my childhood years, why do I still have this on my list?

17. Be a model ~ OMG WHY?

18. Direct an MTV or short film

19. Daily update on my own website ~ working

20. Earn a degree at Zurich Institute of Technology 

21. Be a PAWS member ~ almost, if my mom didn't stop me

22. Become a vegitarian

23. Learn Wicca

Sunday, May 26, 2013

mood / art board

 Hallo, I'm a fresh graduate seeking for a job for me to be able to complete the requirements needed for the board exam. Because I'm still searching for a decent work, I made my room a lil artsy fartsy for me to feel that I'm an artist, lol (feeler), and to fill up the time on my side.

collection of bottles, I just love their differences in terms of silhouette

the last toy, my parents bought for me

I don't like eating strawberries, but I love how it looks

my friend Camille, went to Baguio and bought us some souvenirs and I got this. I'm amazed that I look like one of National Artist BenCab's painting.

It's a washi tape, but doesn't look like one

My fascination with cuddly toys

the sunflower that signifies my years in college

my inspiration wall
And as I browse for items that I can pin on my board, I returned to my kept memory box. And I found these stuffs, that made me miss my very simple and innocent high school life.
my school uniform necktie

I can see how loved I am through letters from friends

a gift from my bestfriend

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