Monday, March 30, 2015

SG Diaries: Day 1. Adventure Time.

aerial view of the Philippines. bye bye my beloved country!
This is the moment we have been waiting for. It took a lot of effort and planning for me to be able to go here. I've sacrificed a lot, Im teary eyed as of this moment as Im thinking of the loved ones I have left in the Philippines. Im full effortly tries to imagine that Im just in college, and Ill be going back soon. But I cannot fool myself as I'm fully aware that I'm seas away from home and I cannot impulsively go back as money wise it's not practical.
Hougang Avenue 8. lurking to familiarize myself with the area.

Any way on the good note. I'm having an ultimate adventure of my life. I'm not used to travelling
alone. My feeling is I've been transported in a new world. Everything is new to me. And hearing Filipinos talk in our language gives me a sense of comfort and safety.
view from our apartment. HDB is the main housing here in SG.
I'm staying here in Hougang, a suburb in Singapore. Thank God I found a Filipino who owns an apartment here. I also share the room with other Pinays and an Indian National. Talking in our native tongue is a pleasure for me now. Now I get why other people who came from their own regions prefers to talk in their regional language even if there are other people in the room. Though I feel bad for our Indian National roommate I'm craving to talk in our language to please myself and make me feel I'm still in my country.
3SGD Roasted Chicken in one of the hawkers in Hougang.
There are a lot of variety of food to choose from. But I limit myself to 3SGD per meal. I need to spend my money wisely as I still have no source of income here. But so far everything I have tried on tastes good.
view of street from a hawker (like a carinderia in the Philippines)
I roam around the area of Hougang. In this part of SG I can say that all the good stories about this country is true. For us Filipinos who knows Makati, they always compare Singapore to the richest CBD in the Philippines. It's not exactly the same, but the ambiance of cleanliness and consideration for open spaces are alike. But in my opinion Singapore is better than Makati CBD alone. In Hougang, which is a residential hub, no spot can be seen without the tactile paving. I can imagine a blind roaming around the country without any hassle.
homemade beverage rose flavor
I also heard good impressions for the people here in Singapore. They are well disciplined and can be trusted. And look at this plastic "take away" drink I stumbled in the "hawkers" of Hougang. It is very interesting that in this 1st world country plastics are not banned. They just know where to take away their plastics after it's use. The country also don't need rules to segregate your garbage, they let the treatment plants to do their job. Also tap water here is clean enough to drink from it directly. 
view of one oh HDB from Hougang Central
And finally for my 1st day here in SG, I can conclude that I admire the respect of this country in planning. They provide their people with all the basic needs a community must have to be able to live a simple and easy life.

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