Monday, October 06, 2014


Can't stop myself from thinking of him,
Now I felt how mistresses feels.
Unending sufferings and thoughts that kills.
Waiting for your call is like a blue moon.
And still she occupies every sentence you speak.
I like you is not enough with this tear.
I love you is the worst thing that you don't want to hear.
 Call me crazy, but I love to smell the smoke from your mouth.
I want to feel again your lips pressing against mine.
I want to hug and smell your perfume.
I want to fall in love with you.
I want to be with you.
I want you.
I want you to be mine.
I want you to love me like how you love her.
 Our memories are vivid, like our love that's so tepid.
I see a different light, you look at it with fright.
Maybe it's wrong, but this is my choice.
I left the path to Orion, to be with an Oragon.
Blow the breeze into this intricate gaps.
Together, we'll conquer your fears and make it collapse.
Follow what matters to you.
What I really care for is that I love you.
 You smile, but behind
is an expressionless face
looking past me.
 You're like the sunshine, so warm & hot on my skin.
Slipping through my pores, Getting deeper inside my bones.
Piercing my mind, Pushing til I'm numb.
You walk into my every part,
Aims through my heart.
 Our love is a blissful setting.
I'm scared that I might destroy it with my love itself.

 Too much love is destructive.
I'm scared that I might ruin the blissful haven that we have.

Nagdikit na balat,
ito ba ay dagitab?
Nakilala kang lubos,
Parang nais mamalimos.
Di mapakali sa isusuot na damit.
Upang puso mo'y aking makamit.
Ako'y nananabik sa iyong halik.

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