Saturday, August 23, 2014

blogging is not for everyone

Hi again, after an infinite time, I realized how blogging is not as simply as how a lot of people overlook it. I'm so proud of myself for creating and maintaining a blog while I'm still studying last last school year. huhu. But now, why, why is this happening to me?

I feel the inspiration coming to me while I'm in the inconvenient place to blog. But when the time of the day comes that I dedicate for blogging and I'm at the front of my laptop, the inspiration suddenly pops out and vanished. And I'm left mouth hanging, choosing to browse over random stuffs on facebook, and leads to unlimited random articles from thoughtcatalog, thinkinghumanity, boredpanda, youtube, whereinmanila, pinterest, instagram, google....and long list goes on. -_-

So now, I googled "how to be inspired on blogging again", searched nothing interesting. Next, googled "inspiration and motivation to blog again", nothing inspiring for me either, to "top cute hipster fashion blog"still nothing. And so I browse over my very own blog. And huh! I found inspiration. I pity my old self for having this full time effort before and now I'm just wasting it. Oh no! No! No, no, this cannot be happening. So thank you dear old self. haha, and you're cutie patootie posts, and I'm refreshed to do this again. Yes! Blogging is a commitment, I found an article about blogging and how every bloggers dedicate their time and effort for their blogs, I'll link it later.

Many many many things happened on my year of being inactive blogger, I saw that my blog posts revolves more on my personal experiences, and I guess there is nothing wrong on sharing my very own slice of life:

+Still working on an architectural firm, still struggling on my other passion.

+Discovered a lot of new food hubs and metro adventure, will post it here.

+Still testing on some products and alternatives, but I chose to review only those nice stuff and do not mention on the not so good ones, to avoid bad publicity.

+I'm planning on working abroad, maybe a month from now. That's why it's a must to re-open this blog.

+I'm currently in a new relationship. I'll introduce him here soon.

Tomorrow, I'll blog an outfit, I swear on the moon and stars above.

Good read in relation to my musings:

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