Sunday, May 04, 2014

hello hello hello.... summer

Oh, the heat is here again. Gah, if not because of the sparkling effect that the sunshine produces on my photos, I wouldn't love summer. Thanks to the crisp filter it gives or else Ill curse the sticky and head-nauseating heat waves I experience here and there.

This season is for fun. Ugh. Hence I have no time to be productive. So sorry, but I'm still trying. So here are some of unexpected photos I produced, with my phone. LOL. Oh no, I abandoned Snow (my dear point and shoot) because I caught myself loving Lumi (my windows phone) even more now.

The first three photos are taken in Club Balai Isabel, Batangas. The fourth is from a walk early morning to our office along Makati Avenue and the last two are from Cubao Expo in Quezon City. And to just save myself or my blog from being unproductive, here's an artwork of a dear friend of mine.

Nino - In bloom :)
And here's a playlist I made that I think quiet fits my April.

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