Monday, April 21, 2014

After how many failed attempts to blog again

Hi! For sure, no one will see this, as my small number of readers have already forgotten me. Oh no! It's like going back to 0 again. *mecries

But I don't care. What really matter now is that I'm back to the thing that makes me happy. A lot happened. And it will be a bore to narrate each one of them. Let's just say that we will just recap those moments if the situation calls for it. But for now I'm making this post to just start again!

And here's a repetitive photos of me that you (uh, if anyone is reading) surely missed!
I know, I'm getting fatter and fatter. But I'm working on it, a little. haha. But if I can't, oh well, what's important is that we are healthy, right? :P (excuses)

It's getting late. And I promise that this is the start of another great blogging experience. Happy Monday everyone!

PS. I'm thinking of:
  • doing some reviews on products that I've been spending mostly of my wage. :P
  • re-opening Eclectic shop, with more of a DIY stuff
  • revamping my room, as you can see on the picture, nothing has changed,

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