Friday, December 17, 2010

Love & Its Opposite by Tracey Thorn

I'm bored earlier so I thought of listening to a free streaming site, and I found this album. I'm not familiar with the artist but I chose this album because of its interesting cover, as you can see colorful with a weird colored face of the members of a family. And as I click play, I'm amused by this woman with such a beautiful voice add up to it I love the peacefulness and message of her songs, it's all about different stories of a typical person so everybody can relate. Oh well, I'm not a good critic of music but all I know is I'll be having her songs on my i-tunes one of this days.

I also found out that she was from London, she's a British I guess? Here's the website where I found her:
and her official site:


  1. I'm a huge fan-starting with Everything But The Girl.There's years of great music to discover here if you don't know them and now Ben Watt her partner in ebtg and in life his Buzzin Fly work and label.

  2. oh really? Thanks for the info, I'll gonna search more about her songs. So far it's really amazing.


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