Friday, May 13, 2011

My Barney Honey

Hahaha, I had a really fun time today with my boyfriend. Coz he's wearing a purple polo and it all began there. Funny how that color can be on the eyes of most people. Mostly connected with old people or the royalty and I observed last year it was a hot color here in our country. But my story is not about those stuffs it's all about my honey associated with Barney, the purple dinosaur that no-one-would-not-know. hahaha, oops sorry hon if you're reading this.

Warning: Don't wear a striking violet or else you'll experience this kind of things.

At first my Hans was been fooled by his officemates as someone who's gonna go to a ballroom dancing with his co-officemate whom wearing the same color as his.

Second, when we're in a mall I saw a violet colored long chair and I said "Hon, higa ka diyan, di ka na makikita". "Hon, lie there and you'll be invisible instantly." Hahahha, I can't stop laughing when I saw Hans' reaction. So cute.

And last but not the least, on our way home I suddenly remember Barney, and I asked him, "Kilala mo si Barney?" "Do you know Barney?" And it strike him, oh boy, I laughed till I cry, Hans' expression is really funny, oh well, he paid me back by hiding on my back while we're walking, he's mean but I can still see him on the corner of my eyes thanks to his striking violet shirt! Aha! ahahhahaha.

But still the bottom line, being with Hans is definitely good times. :D

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