Monday, October 03, 2011

Architectural Membranes

You would have probably seen something like this anywhere and this web like tents are called membranes. Though I'm already a 4th year Archi student, and already used it in two plates, I define myself "stupid" as one of my classmate (also a friend) said just some weeks ago that it was made of special cloth, cause I really thought it was just made of plastic.

But with my researches for my Museum plate, I was inspired by the Centre Pompidou in Metz, France, I learned that it can be made of fabric, PVC and fiber glass. I learned all of it here.

This type of material is really ideal if you want to design something iconic or out of ordinary, cause it can gradually follow the form of the building you want giving it a web like look. Also self-cleaning but I read in some site that it only has one color, which is white, so in able to use it, your building should be modernized in concept.

Some awesome building that have used this kind of material.
AA Membrane Canopy 2007

Centre Pompidou

Nelson Mandela Bay Studio
Photo source by order of appearance:

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