Sunday, October 02, 2011


Hans and I really enjoy eating, especially when it comes to eat-all-you-can. ^_^ So because today is still part of our 1 week 16th monthsary celebration, we tried to eat in Cabalen at MOA, Paranaque.
 It was his idea saying that it was a Pampangueno cuisine but I didn't know that he wasn't sure of the price, and I'm shocked that a person costs P460 or P480(something like that and I thought it was just P250 something) Though Hans was the one in charge of paying after, still, it's a little bit pricey.
 Good thing, they just don't stick to our local cuisine, they even have Japanese and Thailand dishes.
Japanese and Thailand corner

Desserts! Sad, coz wasn't able to taste all of them, I'm so full. >.<

Love the lights! Sorry I blackened the people below to highlight it. XD

Starting to eat! Got a spoon size serving of all the dishes that I like to taste.

Hans, nom nom nom! Envies my corn bulalo soup. XP

Eeek, the paella tastes good but it will easily make you full.

Hans taking a pose in between meal. :)

Done gluttoning, geez, weren't able to finish all we took. sorry. >.< If only we could take it home. 
I love the most in what I have tasted are the dinuguan and tocino! Plus the appetizing corn bulalo soup! It's the best!

Cabalen can be found near the IMAX, TGIF and Gerry's girl. :)

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