Thursday, October 13, 2011

I just..

 Oops, can't stop the urge to stalk other people's blogs, harhar. I just found this cool blog sites because my friend likes one of them, he's such a cute little boy, I'm thinking of posting the links here but I'll just do it and post it in my sidebar if I'm done editing my layout on sembreak. (If I have a break)

I'll stop now after this post I promise.
 Even my cute fella here don't trust me, (Utt, patterned by Utoy's name coz they look alike).
 I'll just brew potions in Pottermore while doing my plates after all it takes 80 to 100 mins before a  potion finished brewing so it doesn't really take my time. I just really need to help Slytherin win!
I also posted time table in my wall, because my planner is already full of erasures in which means failed plans and it has no more space to put new scheds. Don't know if this will still help. Though it's already slammed on my face. :X Slammed!

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