Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Bamboo | Green School

I found a site while googling for more info about bamboo, I find it amusing to see a school too dedicated with cheap sustainability. Hope all of the structures being built in our time will adopt this kind of philosophy. I'm also into bamboo because it's not just cheap or easy to find it is also famous of the strength it have. Plus the fact that it can help to conserve our natural resources because it can be already used after planting it in 4-5 years.
This is what the site says in one of their section:
Why is everything made out of bamboo?Green School chose bamboo in the spirit of plenty. With rapidly escalating world cement prices, not to mention the sheer amount of fossil fuel that cement consumes, we must look to alternative building materials. Frankly, it is hard to talk to students about sustainability while they are using the last piece of rain forest for their chair and their table. It is the painful truth that they are going to have to stretch to get enough rain forest timber to build their homes.Bamboo is available and plenty, and when it is treated with borax salt, it is rendered immune to the bugs that like to eat it, so it becomes a permanent material. Every student at Green School will have an opportunity to plant his or her own bamboo and, eventually, four to five years down the line, will have a chance to harvest, treat and build something with that bamboo.If you need a lot of timber in the future, don’t look for wood, look for bamboo. It fixes a huge amount of carbon in the soil and this is a good solution in the world of ever escalating problems. It is a rapid solution to some of the problems that are facing us. Plant bamboo.
Read more about the benefit of Bamboo on construction:
Why Bamboo | Green School:

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