Saturday, April 07, 2012

Short summer vacation

Yesterday mama and I went to Quaipo for her oath to the Black Nazarene to go their every first Friday of the month. And because it was also Good Friday, the place was jam-packed with devotees.
Then I can't think of anything to post here, I'm just busy thinking what will happen to my other subjects, my internship, watching Running Man, reading Cage of Eden manga, reading Catching Fire, worrying if I'll be able to graduate next year, cleaning house, getting used to mama's errands, playing with my pets, texting Hans, lurking at twitter, watching non-sense TV shows, etc,.

Might as well post some random photos I have taken after my previous post:
My stuffies on my bed in my boarding house, Utt, Piggy hugging Micey (which was given by Gelmer), I'm guilty everytime my friends have something for me and I have nothing for them. :(( 
 The most fragrant sanitizer I ever smelled, still another post birthday gift from Joan. Such sweet beings. I also love that my UP friends call me Haha, ^_^, I miss how my high school friends gave that nick to me.
(c) Sar
Then last April 2, It was Sar's birthday and we celebrated it with the Maarti girls, XD))) It was hilarious actually, I'm doing my Engineering drawings while eating, chatting or singing in karaoke because the next day I have submitted our last requirements for my ARCH 197 subject (Design).
This is a photo from my wall beside my bed in my boarding house. My inspirations and reminders, David Archuleta, my UP and UST friends, gift from Camille, calendar, notes and my love of my life, Hans.
 Another random photo, my cats hanging in our front terrace. Miguel and Piping (riding my bike).

I also have a small lists of what I must do this summer:
Will I be able to accomplish these all? Now that our summer classes (with my internship :S) will come 6 days from now. Sigh.

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