Friday, June 22, 2012

Eccentric Hats at Royal Ascot

I can't stop myself from looking at this photo. I don't know if I've just been influenced that she's an influential women and being respected by all the people or she really have an amazing style. I'm impressed how she dressed up this fiery red from head to toe, then balances all the fierceness with a simple yet sophisticated silhouette of her terno dress and nude pumps to bring up the attention back to her eccentric headdress.

I don't know if the previous photo was really taken in the Royal Ascot, but I'll post some of the interesting photos of hats worn by the guests of that royal event that I've seen from the Huffington Post.
Even the dress code assistants wore elegant hats
I don't know since when, but I really have this fascination with hats, gah! I wish I live in this area so I can flaunt hats like they do. :))

Photos from: huffingtonpost


  1. Interesting, this reminds me of an old episode of Everybody hates Chris.


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