Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crazy Katsu

At last, we entered Crazy Katsu along maginhawa and near Friuli, due to Hans' fave restau is under some maintenance that time. I already heard this place from some famous bloggers so I'm really curious if what's with this restaurant.

When we first entered the place, the crazy katsu shirt made by Team Manila caught my attention, I love it's faded effect.

The place is in minimal Jap theme and I wonder if this artwork is made from wood pieces left from their furnishings.
 I'm already full that time, so I just watched Hans eat this Chicken Katsu while I'm having a bite with a leche plan thingy they called "pudding".
The chicken katsu tastes good, minus too much chili they placed on top which Hans didn't liked, but the meat is just right and the sauce compliments it together with the veggies in the sides.
the so called "pudding"
IDK why Hans has this expression, hahaha, but as I tried the Chicken Katsu, I'm willing to try some of their food once we came back to this place, maybe just minus the "pudding" which I thought is really a pudding.

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