Saturday, August 18, 2012

Goodbye Masbate, Hello Palawan!

Sad to say, I suddenly had a change of topic for my thesis. I thought I could go back to my birthplace after almost 20 years of not visiting my grannies and relatives there. But I'm still looking forward for our vacation in Masbate by the end of this year.

My professor, due to lack of feasibility for my first topic, suggested to find another site for the same project. And with my client meetings, I've been lead to go for the Puerto Princesa International Airport. Quiet excited though a lil bit disappointed, I grab the said project with the blessings of my adviser and thesis faculty. yipee! Haven't been to Palawan, shocks, hope I could be with someone, it's quiet scary to travel alone. :O

In relation to my current condition, hahhaa, if only some of my readers are interested, I'm now fully recovered with the trauma I had. With extreme caution I'm continuing all the abandoned works I needed to do. hoho. Including this blog which I found a way to be consistent with the help of this guidelines I made myself for my blog. :D
Hope this guidelines will be effective. Let's all expect for the better! We can all do this guys! <3


  1. hi sweetie,
    thank you so much for following :) i just followed you back !

  2. hey kababayan!
    nice meeting you here.
    anyway, enjoy your stay in palawan.

    Thank you! I'm now following you back on GFC.
    Hope to see you again on my blog.
    Have a great day.

  3. Fantastic blog! Great content:)
    Now following you, hope you do the same


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