Monday, August 27, 2012

traveling turtle backpack

I'm currently studying in a uni, but my school is just 2-3 hours away from our house. So every weekend I go back to our home and every Tuesday (I have no class on Mondays) I go back to my boarding house near my school.
Yeah I'm a sexy traveller, lol. hahaha, I have the guts to dress like this even though I'm a commuter because of my companion, Hans. <3

Anyway, here is my essentials, why my bag is too heavy and I always have everything you need.
From top to bottom and left to right:
  • my laptop, cellphone and camera chargers with some small stuffs I always need, like extra clips, facial,  accessories, earphones or storage for important documents in case it's a wet day.
  • laptop, my bestfriend
  • large bag, my reliable travelling bag, I look like a mountaineer every time I use it, but I don't mind, it fits me and it can carry everything I need.
  • sketchpad, thesis book, notebook and some books to read. My sketchpad or aka jot pad, it consists of not just sketch but also some school related or blog related stuffs. :)) I also love to read while commuting especially if there's a heavy traffic.
  • soiled clothes. eew, and more soiled inside my bag that I don't want to show off, hahaha.
  • umbrella, in our country it's a necessity.
  • powder, sometimes I prefer this baby stuff for my slight skin allergies. I'm kinda sensitive to dust and heat. 
  • hand sanitizer, the most fragrant among I've smell, given by my friend Joan.
  • pens! I can't live without them
  • sunnies, for some cool look, lol and sun protection of course.
  • wuwu, my fan, he/she has a face like this. ---> :3
  • kikay kit, this is my secret Hermione bag, I'm also called a girl scout because of this. It contains everything that you might think of. :))
  • embroidered purse, I love its texture because every time I need money to pay for public transpo, I could easily fish this among my messy stuffs with its rough texture.
  • big purse, it has no money so don't attempt to steal it away from me, it only contains my lovey dubs Hans grad photo. :))
  • keyys!!! For my boarding house. Also used as protection, notice the long key I got from Hans. (he used to work in a bank, it's a key for old atm units)
  • MRT card and ID, also a necessity, that I always carry around with me. In my age an ID is needed, you never know if one day, you've been fined for jaywalking. fudge.

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