Sunday, September 30, 2012


We tried eating at an eatery near the Friuli Trattoria called Jek's ku-bo (bulalo at ulo-ulo).
 I love its simplicity and quirky interior.

 Now here comes the food, and to give justice to what it looks like, I didn't do anything with its photos:
 Bulalo: mmmmmm....mmm...(yummy sound insert here) I like the taste and I notice how they were able to retain the crispiness of the vegies while making the meat tender and easy to chew. Each serving is good for two, so the price is really affordable and worth it.
 Sisig: Nice texture, but I still need to add a lot of soy sauce to make the taste comes out.
 Leche flan: I love the taste, perfect sweetness and texture, unlike the "pudding" I tasted in my last food review. :))

Then on going home we always pass on MRT magallanes where Hans parks their car. And finally, I was able to take a photo of this beautiful cityscape of Makati, including MRT line 3 and the hustle and bustle busy street of EDSA .
We also took a pictorial before heading home (as always), lol. Hans look 7 feet tall here. :))

Please hype for lookbookers here:

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