Thursday, October 11, 2012

Foster the People

Sorry for the late post, I tried blogging this post for the nth time but finally I had the chance this afternoon to finish this.

Last October 6, Foster the People had a concert here in Manila. I'm with my favorite companion and Mark Foster kept us entertained throughout the night with his quirky moves (PS. only for giggly girls like me) and the drummer and maracas guy are also keeping up with this quirkiness. I just love the beat of their music and of course Foster's voice. <3

To prep up for the night, I've decided to wear something girly yet will make me feel comfortable. So I wore a white laced dress and of course paired it up with my pumped up kicks. :))) Maybe just subtract the expensive part. :D

 And it's done just like that, also here's a vid from my very own camera, sorry for the blurry and shaky parts. Enjoy! :D

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