Sunday, November 04, 2012

Nailed the Xmas Projects

Yesterday was spent in decorating our house for the Christmas season. As usual we had the traditional red and gold motif that sometimes bores me as we're using it since my grade school days. But we sometimes alter it by placing the Christmas tree or garlands in different parts of our house. But for this year, to compliment mama's "five fingers" plant growing above our gate, we bought 12 lights molded into stars. This kind of light gives an image of protruding fruits coming from the plant.

I also have here a small project I made using Hans former company's canvas bag. I painted it with acrylic but I'm broken hearted to see that this paint, which I barely used, dried out. So I make use of my old poster paints and  watercolor. I'll just finish it with gloss varnish to save the design from getting washed out. So lesson learned, try to go with the expensive ones in terms of paint products, cheap brands tend to be unreliable.

I designed my bag in a manner of making it look cute. I just love these kind of designs. It makes me feel so feminine. I'm also loving the combination of mint and old rose. hihi.


  1. Try using Tulco. It's about 50pesos (I think) per jar and it's available in NBS. :)

  2. Hi, Thanks for dropping by at my blog. :)

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