Friday, November 23, 2012

Sensual Artistic People?

I've read from another blogger his struggle from hormonal attack, but what's peculiar about this revelation is the tendencies motivates him to do his art. Now I understand some of the elements that can be found in his work. So a question popped in my head, are artists more sensual than the non? I googled it and found this article from Edward.

"The creatives had 4 to 10 partners in their past, compared to the mere 3 claimed by less artistic counterparts."
-New York Times
"they blame artists for the fact that schizophrenia has not been cleansed from the gene pool. Creative types, they say, might carry the gene, and are twice as promiscuous as mentally healthy non-artists."
-response to the suvey by Dino Chapman

So ok, ahahhaha, I just created this post in a dash. I'll research further about that topic in the future if I have time. Look for the article or do the research yourself if this topic seems intriguing to you. :))


  1. haha. first paragraph rings a bell

    1. yeah it's....should I tell? LOL// What I know is I truly admire that guy.

  2. It gives sparkles to canvas.


  3. This is very interesting, I never thought of some artists being more sensual, but now that I do, it kind of makes sense.


    1. Ahahhaha, really? But don't stereotype all of the "artists". hahhaha

  4. Interesting - never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. I do believe that could be said about many different creative types :)


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