Friday, November 09, 2012

the Chemistry of a Lemon

I was bummed to find out that I had no class this week. My stay in dorm would be useless if my boarding house has no free wifi. 

Though we're still starting our semester, I'm already freaking out with our financial problems, geeesh, hope I could grad this semester so I could earn money. So look, I even tried affiliations, will I earn through these stuffs? That's why I'm really praying that all of my RGEP subjects will be credited. My school won't let their students leave that easily. Now I realized that being a transferee is not a joke.

I'm just looking forward with my interesting electives and general elective classes. But I do hope my GE class which is Film, won't be taken away from me. Coz I'm worried that I need to take Landscape Arch to be able to fill up my unaccredited subjects from my old school. Ah! Though both are interesting but I want to experience Film. :'( :'))) So sorry for my readers who can't relate. hahah. I'm just ranting to make myself feel better.

So, what did I post here? I'm proud to say that my shoes are locally made. Yeah, Advan could match in design and quality with other expensive brands. Cool huh? Without spending that much money we could look good if we know how to use them. :D Also look at my two photos, I'm getting invisible, ahahahha. Gave me a lil creep thinking that I'm alone here. :D

I'll be going back to our home tonight, I'm also a little nervous and excited for tomorrow's induction in our org. Hope mama will let me go and I won't be late and I can do everything they wanted me to do. :D

"With a little imagination. A book can take you anywhere."
- Caroline Lucy Fu 


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  2. Cool. :)
    Is that Film 12? It's also Phil Stud... why do you need L Arch 1?

  3. Looking nice :) This effect on pictures is great :)I'm having exams so school is yet hard for me plus no free Wi-Fi so far . I'm looking for neighbour devices while mine is off :D

  4. I hope you won't be late and do your best there :)
    This title is so cool , it's kinda attractive :3
    Great photoshoot , just enjoyed :)


  5. loved the photos, they're gorgeous!


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