Friday, November 30, 2012

Well, goodbye November because here comes the end of the world

+Spotted, sleeping on our couch falling into deep slumber is our queen cat, Itlog. I guess she's also lonely for one of their family mems, Beans, is now where to be found. Where are you my only black cat. 3:

+Another month has passed, melancholic and nostalgic ambiance are fluttering everywhere with this gorgeous lonely lights that I'm always looking forward to see every year. I'm in love with Christmas spirit.

+And Christmas Holiday means more room for bargaining and spending for gift giving, so here's a bunch of children's books for my parents' godchildren {and some are mine}. It's so unfair that I've been a child too but I didn't experienced the word godparents, well though their essence for me is just for receiving treats. Poor kid.

+Anyway, I also got a treat for myself, and thanks to my millicious good friend, Camille {love you a million times}, and I've got this fashion designer's handbook. OMG! Now I could add some more lil knowledge in that area I so love to learn. 

+In connection with fashion designing, I fished this book of knitting. I know that mama knows some basics and I might ask her to teach me that craft, next to sewing with our new old {or vintage} sewing machine.

+I also got some good illustrations here. Geez, I don't know if I could force myself to let them go for the sake of children. :,< Good thing I'm sure of the Beth Van Hoesen unused 2011 calendar. It's sad that this aesthetically pleasing works were not exposed, and now I'm torn if I should destroy the plastic protection or I should keep it like that. LOL.

+And finally, the book in the last photo is not mine. Gelmer gave me a challenge called "the test of friendship". So I was obliged to find a book that I should know she would like. She still haven't seen this. And once I've posted this, anytime I'll be given the verdict, I know. :S

For a minute, have you noticed something? If yeah, yay!!!! ahahha, Hello to my brand new sweet layout! <3 For a change before ending the world. :D


  1. Well my friend, the sole task of finding a book for me proves how lovely a friend you are. <3 Kinikilig lola mo to the bones!<3<3<3 Can't wait to read it.C":

    1. Ahy bakit kinikilig din ako? Bromance ba itech? Pinili ko pa yung may plastic, bagong bago yan. ahahaha.

    2. Kasi soulmates ata tayo..haha..Oo nga, mukang good find yung book <3!Kahit nalungkot ako na hindi ako nakasama kahapon (I swear!I felt empty.yess...haha.drama).Oh and parang ang ganda nga ng illustrated books na pinili mo for your godchildren.Di naman halatang tini-train mo sila as artists eh no?haha.
      Gusto ko na ding pumunta sa bahay niyo!Hihi...C:

  2. If that fashion guidebook disappears, alam mo na kung saan siya napunta. :p
    Mapost na nga rin ang akin.

    At ang vain ng new layout. Ikaw na may time. hahaha.


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