Thursday, December 06, 2012

Stop this false pretenses and let's get to the point

I'm not a good writer nor an analyst. I may be easily influenced by others but I know that I have my own consciousness and thoughts to follow. Lately, I'm hooked with my minor subjects which though I admit, haven't still finished reading those hard to understand literature both written in Filipino and English. What I just know is our discussions somehow opened my mind with the "reality". I may be living on the norms of life, on the pattern that we people always ought to follow and patterned our lives but is really disgusting to fonder. If you're already sick like me.

Well, for my foreign readers you may skip on reading this, but I want to say my thoughts on the issues our country has. I'm not here to discuss, I just want to express what's on my mind. I have four minors which came from different colleges but interconnected with their effect on me in relation to our nationalism. I want to thank first my school for all of these, my mama even told me I'm not like this before, now she can hear me discussing about Bonifacio as supposedly the national hero.

All this time I've been blinded by what I want to be through the environment that's surrounding me. It's so hard to move and decide on what I should and shouldn't be, what to think and to forget. But these runs on our roots and shouldn't be ignored. What now?

Guys, my fellow kiddos, hipsters, fashowns (Pinoy lingo of fashionista), bloggers, artists "kuno", Filipino stop this false pretenses and learn our history, stop supporting stupidities, stop being individualists, don't try to be cool, do a move, don't be satisfied on just wearing Rizal, do a MOVE, don't just eat canton to look good. And rock on. Whatever. And I'm saying do a move but here I am. big LOL. Hope I could do something.

If I could just doodle and scrap out this sweet layout to show how uncool my mind is right now.

(may still be edited)

other thoughts on my mind that came from these minors:
  • Spolarium sang by Eraserheads is about the rape case of Pepsi Herrera. Read this Article young peeps.
  • No such thing as "PERFECT ART"
  • Popular doesn't mean it is well known by the majority
  • "Technology is Culture"
  • "Art is not an art if it has no sense {or social significance" - hi Camille! :))}
  • Who are Haya and Halina in Alapaap? My prof said they are daughters of someone. blah he didn't told everything, I'll ask him one day. Tried to google it but I failed.

"Kelan ba ako magkakapera. Kelan ba ako makikilala." - NP: Popmachine by Eheads


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    1. Oh really? Does it also applies in your country? hahaha. Sorry if I still haven't drawn you. :*


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