Wednesday, December 19, 2012

temptation greets you like your naughty friend

Speechless. {following photos taken at Eastwood} 

 Special thanks to Shin for his influence, regarding Lolita and Lana del Rey. Will make a review after reading the book of Lolita coz I already watched the film earlier. <3 And now I'm enlightened where the "lolita" cosplay look came from. IMAO
Lolita. Colored pencils and pens in an oslo type of paper.

 And here are some photos while we are making a diorama of Homo Habilis for our Anthropology class still undone.

find the cat

Also earlier, I went to UST to be a supportive friend for Van's thesis deliberation, and yay! she passed! I'm so happy for her, hope I could also surpass mine so that we could all graduate this school year.


  1. Woah great pictures <3 that sketch you drew is awesome :)
    Noor @Noor's Place

  2. WOW!ang galing!!!!! I love making/doing some artworks too!!!Looks like you really have a good time with your friends :))

    1. Thank you Tin. <3 Nakita ko nga, you're also good in drawing.


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