Wednesday, May 01, 2013

magic pouch

Hi, I'm back again after a long time (due to I rarely got an internet connection in our home). So as part of my Labor day blog spam, I've thought of showing you what's inside my very reliable pouch. Many of my friends labelled me as a scout girl, because most of the time I have anything that they need. So here's a post of what's essential for me to bring with me wherever I go.
  • tissue - even before I have a fast metabolism, though I notice now that I get old, it became unreliable to maintain my fit body, so tissue is the most important thing on my bag.
  • sanitary pads - as a lady, we never know
  • meds (Loperamide, Paracetamol, Ambroxol) - very very important!
  • bandaid - a must, but not really a necessity for me
  • Vicks vapor rub / inhaler - essential for dry cough and allergies (cause I have sinusitis)
  • eyedrops - also a need for me, when sinus attacks
  • super glue - to fix things in case of unexpected situations
  • safety pins - like the superglue, just different use
  • rubber band / sanrio - also like the last two
  • thread & needle - still like the latter
  • sunglasses wiper - this is originally for my phone, but I also made use of these for sunglasses
  • wet wipes - for wetty needs
  • pictures (1x1, 2x2 and passport size) - always needed for class and job applications :p
  • pocket prayer book - though I'm really not using it
  • rosary - for my spiritual need
  • cutter - for self protection and cutting necessities (eg. slash yourself)
  • mirror - obviously
  • comb - though I dont use it
  • mascara - for fake eyelashes
  • eye liners (white, brown, black) - for eyebrows
  • eye colour - for events
  • lip balm - for shiny lip look
  • lip gloss - for sticky lip look
  • lip & cheek tint - for lazy days
  • lip sticks (pink, maroon, flesh) - to look good
  • perfume - to smell good
  • foundation / concealer - to look decent

Now just figure it out how I made it fit inside my small pouch.


  1. Waaaah! Since di na tayo masyado magkikita, kelangan ko na gumawa ng sarili kong Magic Pouch. Wala nang magdadala ng mefenamic at sewing kit para saken. :))

    1. haha, true, balita ko possible na magkasama kayo ni Claire. kainggit!


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