Saturday, December 25, 2010

Refrigerated Cake

You can call this graham cake, ice box cake or even refrigerator cake(that's what I call it when I was younger hahaha). I just want to share to you my forever Christmas treat(even in New Year) and the cake with the simplest recipe in the world.(I guess ahahha)

  • graham crackers
  • condensed milk
  • cream
  • mango
  • chocolate(if desire)
First, create the mixture of cream and condensed milk that will be used for layering later. Usually I use two box of cream(250 ml) in a can of condensed milk(300 ml). But this Christmas I used a new product of a local brand which they called "Krimdensada"(410 ml) because it is combination of condensed and cream. And I just added 1 and a half box of cream to lessen the sweetness of the mixture.

Also another tip don't refrigerate the cream and the milk before making the mixture, if your gonna mix it by hand 'coz it will have the tendency to solidify and you'll gonna have a hard time to mix it well.

Also slice the mango into thin pieces that will be ideal for layering and wouldn't make the cake too thick or imbalance.

Now for the cake, make the first layer by placing the crackers horizontally to fill up the area of the container.

Add the mixture on the top of the crackers.

Then add the sliced mango. And next would be the cracker again which repeats the process until you fill up the whole volume of the container.

Add toppings on how you want to make your cake look like.

You can crush the crackers to have crushed toppings or break into pieces a chocolate just for additional touch.

And last refrigerate it, and can't be eaten if it's not been freeze. :)

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