Saturday, January 22, 2011

Windows 7 Home Basic theme


I'm so annoyed to find out that my newly bought laptop has this OS called Windows 7 Home Basic, that has no themes or any customization.  While I'm a type of person that is to much particular of personalizing stuffs. I thought just because my OS is in windows 7, I could do everything that I want, but as you can see, Starter and Home Basic are those boring versions. So I search so hard just to customize my PC, and here are those helpful sites that had helped me.

First I searched in Google the keyword "Windows 7 Home Basic theme" and I saw themes that they say can be used for Home Basic, but as I've downloaded and attempted to enable it, nothing happened. Then I found this simply useful tool, called Windows 7 Home Basic color changer  and your no themed PC can now change different colors that you would like, but still no glassy effect or something good in the eye. So I keep on searching for more.
Simple useful color changer
As browsing for some useful info I found this Aero thing in every forums that say it was the one responsible for enabling your PC's ability to change your theme. Search for it but I first found this Tweak thing that they say was much better than the Aero because it is ideal for inexperienced user, just like me, to enhance not just their themes but also their system's performance and I found it here: Tweak me! and here is the link for not so clear instructions that I followed: screen shots of Tweak me!

Still nothing happened, I'm getting impatient this time though motivated so I still search and download Aero Enabler and here's the instruction: Aero Enabler instruction

Along with Aero is a tool called .net framework that is needed for the Aero to work out, so I downloaded it. I thought this is just a waste of time because after Aero and Tweak still nothing happened but I found out that it will also be important later on when you download this personalizing stuff.

In my case, only the Tweak me! helped me, because I found out that my Aero was already enabled. By using Tweak me I unchecked my "Disable Transparency" that will also be important later. Due to nothing happens on my target of customization, I search again in Google, now with the keyword "windows 7 home basic without personalize theme" because I have read in some forums that Home Basic and Starter has no personalize option in the Control Panel, oh wow surprise! That's why in my many attempts of enabling Aero nothing happens.

Personalize panel
And finally, I found out that it is possible to download this missing panel, here's the full details of what I'm talking about and also instructions for Personalization. And the link where I download this Personalize Panel. Finally got what I'm looking for, so here's the fruit of my labor.

Hope I was able to help somebody whom had the same problem with their Home Basic, enjoy your new theme! :)


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