Tuesday, April 12, 2011

32 days of Summer

My everyday trip from our house in Cavite to UP Diliman (my school) for this summer class:

-walking from our house to a nearby busy street to get a tricycle: 5 minutes

-riding a tricycle to Molino road (outside our subdivision): 6 minutes

-from our subdivision to the famous Talaba (the bottle neck gateway of Cavite to Manila) via jeepney: 30 minutes-50 minutes (when its either start or dismissal time of Middle and Secondary school)

-Talaba to Baclaran via jeep:  30 minutes-60 minutes (if there's a commotion in Talaba or accident in Coastal road)

-Baclaran to MRT via jeep(EDSA-Taft): 15 minutes - 30 minutes (if the jeep waits to be fill up or EDSA is packed of a million cars)

-Taft ave to Quezon ave via MRT: 35 minutes

-Quezon ave to UP Diliman via jeep: 20 minutes - 35 minutes (if rush hour)

A total of: 141 minutes (2 hrs & 20 minutes) - 221 minutes (3 hrs & 40 minutes) travel time, imagine that would be so exciting! This would be my first time to torture myself everday in a summer break, combined with the stressful 3 hour Math53(Calculus) subject.  Sweet.

But it's true, I'm excited, I'm curious how summer classes goes, where in you just focus in one to two subjects with an exam every week. Hope I could do better compared last sem, now that I can concentrate in just one subject without thinking of a plate deadline even if it's Calculus. Oh Calculus. Geez, I love Math but honestly speaking, Calculus is my hatest among them all, combined with Bussiness Math, Accounting and Economics. gesshhh.

But I love this, I'm going to school and then going home everyday, oooohh I love home. :D hihihi, I'm always homesick when I'm not with my family plus pets.

Hope this summer would be great. That would be, estimated, 32 days of summer. 

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