Friday, April 15, 2011

Black Swan

I just watched black swan and I never thought that's how the story goes. Well it's amazing even though it's kind of mind thrilling on the latter part. I'm amazed that I'm so scared what might happened with the horrifying images that bothers Nina, it's really scary that I thought is this a horror film? But through those things I can feel what Nina felt that time, pressure, her ghost hunts her. It's a fast track thinking can Nina make it? Why does she killed Lily? Is it her mom that she killed? Why does she hurt herself? Plus why do Nina got a wing while dancing? And then at the end you just found yourself fullfilled that she finished the dance successfully, like how she felt at the end of the movie.

The movie shows where pressure could lead to, first Nina developed that kind of expectations because of her mother, she's a frustated former ballet dancer if I'm not mistaken, she controls Nina's life. She wants Nina to fullfill her own dreams, that's what I can see, and it's ruining Nina. To the point that she's afraid to disobey her, well the film showed how those things bothers Nina and how she will fought it.

Second, her environment, yeah I know being a dancer develops this kind of confidence that sometimes make them bitches, well Nina's co-dancers are bitches, base on how the movie showed it, except of course sweet Nina who is too obedient to her mother. And we all knew that in some industry, in able to succeed you must possess a little bitching attitude by seducing whose on top, but Nina didn't do that even though her coach(I don't if that's what it's called, but the head something that manages the ballet piece) is a maniac. But he also has some point, Nina must really let loose of herself, she's too stiff/pressured. And that's how the two pressures creates friction to Nina. She's torn between being white swan and black swan.

The bottom line, disobey your parents and f*** whose on top in able to succeed, no just kidding, self expectations and pressures around you is not a good thing, first know yourself, how far can you go? It's a virtue to be obedient to your parents but what if they controls your life too much? It's not also good to follow the dirty trend to success, but always be in a good side, do what you can and the best that you can be and all will follow.

I'm not a councilor or wanna be adviser something, but I can relate to Nina, I'm an only child of my parents, and all the pressure is on me, they had great dreams for me, and to be honest their dream is also my dream, they rule my life. That sometimes when I'm not contented of what I got, it really disappoints me 'cause I know that they will be disappointed to me. My mother is really a perfectionist, as what my last post says, that even the clothes I wear gives arguments between my mama and me. As much as possible I always want to follow them but that changed when I stepped College, I tried to follow myself but I realized it's not a good idea too. Well I following yourself requires a great responsibility. As of now, I'm still trying too pursue their dreams for me but I also had my own dreams now, most of the time I obey them but sometimes I also don't, like having my boyfriend. Gessh, hope my parents won't find this blog. XD

I won't say what's right and what's wrong but base on what I believe in, we must choose what could make us happy, let loose but not too much, follow the things that could make you happy and do your best on it. It's 2011 now, next year is 2012, we never know those predictions might be true, so carpe dieum, lets seize everyday of our lives with no pressure but just happy thoughts. :D

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