Monday, April 11, 2011

Ink drawing

I love editing pics to something that looks like an ink drawing. But sometimes it's hurtful to admit to someone that I just edited it and didn't do it actually, even if I know to myself that I could do this manually. :p

Well, that's not what this post is all about. I have a Photoshop, but I still don't try to study, discover and look for its wonders. So how was I able to do this one?

  • I first use Inkscape, it has this "trace bitmap" that helps me to achieve an ink like image. 
  • Next I transfer the image to Gimp, to convert it to .jpg format or .png if I wanted its background transparent. Also to edit some more, if needed, coz Gimp is a user friendly version of Photoshop. 
  • Then additional touches with the help of Photoscape and Paint! And here's the step of applying my drawing skills. :D
As simple as it is, but I also discovered that Photoscape has something like this, but it's kind of dirty and unmanageable to be able to get what you wanted it to look like. 

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