Monday, April 11, 2011

Shamcey Supsup

-University of the Philippines(Diliman), B.S. Architecure Magna Cumlaude
-2011 Architecture Licensure board exam top notcher
-Binibining Pilipinas 2011 winner (universe crown holder)

I really admire this 24 y.o. Architect/Beauty Queen, where in this world can you find such an amazing woman with what we call true beauty and brains! I could exchange everything I have just to be like her. :D

Coz, honestly as an Architecture student, getting a high grade is not a joke. It's not the usual that we study or memorize those stuffs that's been taught to us just to get a passing grade. In our field, you must know every angle of your project to gain your professor's favor. Coz they act as our clients technically speaking, it's not that you must do what you believe is right, or what your researches dictates you to do, but also what your professor wants, even though they won't admit it. So I really admire those cumlaudes in Architecture, and it's also my dream to be honest. Who wouldn't be?

Last night, is the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 competition, I watched it because of these idol I have which our Professor told us coz she's her former student. She's an alumna of the same course and university I have. Also being a UP student is also not that easy, having the need to balance your GE(General elective) subjects with your Major subjects with those feeling major Professors, and that you can't have any excuse that you have plates to do, just to give you another chance or to excuse you for something they wanted you to do, unlike the former school that I had which it's possible to do that. Woops, correct me if I wrong.

Back to Shamcey, now I found a new source of inspiration for my chosen field, I like what she said last night.

"There is no standards for true beauty, we define what true beauty are."

Something like that I guess.

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