Monday, April 11, 2011

Mama know's best

It's not new to me anymore to have an argument every morning with my mama about little things she doesn't like and I always do. Usually we argue about me waking up late, household chores and now my not-that-clean sweeping. She's so perfectionist in terms of cleaning up and everything, even the clothes I wear, which she says I'm "baduy" sometimes. The heck. :|

But every time I'm in my boarding house in my University, I miss those shouts that serves as my alarm clock every morning, maybe that's why I'm always late when I'm on my own in school. hahaha.

Oh well, I admire moms for their patience in taking care for us, even though they're so loud and sometimes their sermons really annoy us but in the end they have a point and that point helps us to be better. :))

As my mama always told me. 

"Gumising ng maaga ng makuha mo ang grasya." 

in English 

"Wake up early to gain God's grace."

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