Monday, May 23, 2011

It's been a long day

 It's been a long day today and today is Maroon5's concert in SMX. But I wasn't able to go there, and my post is not about them. Many things happen to me today, and first on my list is my-I-already-know-failing Calculus exam. It hurts to admit that you know you can't do anything to make your grades go higher. I just want to accept what really happened. And that happens for a reason.

And that reason is unknown, but the cause was so clear to me, I had taken for granted Calculus which is under my fave subject, Math. And yesterday was the fastest and worst day of my life, not because of doom's day, but because of unexpected extreme pains that happened to me, and it all started with a tooth ache.

A toothache that you should not ignore, because I never thought a tooth with no holes or anything could have an infection underneath or inside it I think. Which cause me to unbearable toothache, worsen by an uncooked popcorn kernel as I'm eating it while me and my boyfriend is watching the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean, on stranger tides" last Friday.

And yesterday, Sunday, my mom and I went to a Dentist and he did the procedure of root canal to me, which am very painful amidst of the 4 shots of anesthesia he had given me. It's so fucking painful.

Painful I thought would be my last for yesterday but I was wrong and as I had taken a pain reliever, gosh, I know I'm allergic to Ibuprufen but this Flanax med has given me the worst side effect, I'm palpitating too much, my eyes are sore and I thought my breathing could stop any time.
And my whole day reserved for time of studying for Calculus is occupied by my illness. And that resulted to my failed Calculus. I'm also timid to face my prof whom I planned to impress but instead depress. He gave as chocolates, so sweet of him, hope I have the guts to be friends with him and convince him to give me 3 in my final grade. But that is so impossible to happen. hahahaha

The second happening, I wait for my bestfriend, Abby, in a book store. So while waiting I read a book entitled, "Ang mga kaibigan ni Mama Susan" by Bob Ong, which is perfect for past time as you are waiting for a friend for about 2-3 hours. It is thin and easy to read for Filipinos because it's Tagalog and has large font for a small pocket book. With me secretly reading is a bunch of ladies whom so fond of reading Filipino pocket books all about love stories, yuck, which I can say nonsense. I'm not against Filipino literature; as a matter of fact I'm fond of Filipino authors with the sense of creativity and twist in their writings. Include among the best, the author gossip to be a group of people or a professor in my university, Bob Ong.

Bob Ong's "Mga kaibigan ni Mama Susan" is a thriller. Not to be noticed at first, because the book will introduce to you a typical guy in College, with heartache, teachers dilemma, peer pressure, family problem and hectic school works whom starting to write a nonsense journal. But as he reach the middle, the guy narrates what’s he's going through, as he let you show his deep emotional feelings. But the latter is getting to be complicated as he had gone back to his province with his weird grandmother. And then you can feel the creepiness of the story. But that part is getting boring, I must admit sorry, but this book mentions about the present situation of our world, regarding predictions of the end of the world, specifically the book of Revelations in the bible and the impact on people whom knows no God and the simplicity of a life with no technology, government and advancement which is really a stupid idea for me. This is just what my narrow mind comprehends. And as boredom ends and very near to the real end, more thrills but so unclear events are happening to the main character, all I know is it ended as if the guy has been under a demonic intervention and he started to write Latin prayers, repeated words etc. And the last line, pray for his soul as someone started to hug you.

Boom! And Abby and I went to Hans’ office for us to go to the airport together and have a last look with another bestfriend of ours, Kat.

From left, Abby, Kat and me, won't let Kat go

Me, Kat and Abby, now kissing Kat
Our dear bestfriend for 7 years is going to California. We will miss her so much, she whom always present to our meet ups, she whom cool and fashionable, she whom sweet, caring and so simple. She whom we love, even though we know it will be too long for us to meet again but I'm sure our friendship will never change.

Last look of Kat's back
Change for the better, change for the best, I don't know what my fast track life would struggle more but I'm the one who is in control here, I'll just accept challenges that gives color to my life. But I know He will always guide me no matter what. Don't believe in doom's day, just believe in Him.

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