Monday, June 13, 2011

Mama Mia

I love this movie, almost perfect except for the story though, which I slightly don't like. But the music and the setting, I love it.

 Greece is really an awesome place, the blue sea, white brick and concrete houses, simple and flat roofed but lovely because of the colourful flowers around it with the blue sea which gives contrast to the white houses. And of course the music, who wouldn't recognize the Abba? But I would suggest that you must know the Abba's music first before watching the movie or else you'll just enjoy setting.

Amanda Syfried also suits the setting coz she looks like a goddess, but I'm amazed how well she sings. I really appreciate the last song she sang in the credit part, "Thank you for the music", lovely voice.

I'm so touched when they sang my favorite Abba song, "Slipping through my finger", it's a sad song for the mothers dedicated for their child growing up. Sometimes I felt I wanna be with the one I love, but  leaving my parents, it's painful, even just thinking about it.

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