Friday, June 17, 2011

The King's speech

I never heard that King George VI has a speech problem. To be honest I'm not even sure if King George is the father of Queen Elizabeth II.

But this movie is totally inspiring, I just downloaded it when I saw it in the Grammy's? I'm not even sure or Oscar's I think, almost a year ago. I'm just intrigued why this film had gained a lot of awards and also because included in the cast is one of my favourite actress, Helena Bonham Carter.

I somehow can relate to King George in terms of public speaking, I didn't have this worst scenario unlike him, but when I'm in a presentation, I tend to mumble my words or forget what I ought to say. Geez, I really need to enrol in John Robert Powers.

But I'm amazed how Lionel and Bertie developed a long lasting friendship, who's Bertie and Lionel? I suggest watch the film.

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