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David Archuleta

I'm a super duper mega ultra ultimate to the highest power fan of David James Mayorga Archuleta. I've been a fan for 3 years now, since he show up on American Idol season 7. At first glance on his audition I just notice him as someone cute, young and fresh. Then as he passed every stage I started to be amazed on how good he sings until he sang "Love me tender" which struck me, as if he's telling me to support him and love him. He was full of emotions while singing that song, so from that day on I became an official David Archuleta fan!

After  season 7 of AI, I'm melancholic coz I don't know where would I see David again. So I joined fan clubs and groups like the one in Pinoy Exchange and we we're called "Archietects" and I'm no 71. Funny 'coz I'm a future Architect hahahah and I'm also an Archietect. I also have this text clan called Archuleta Philippines Text Clan which really helps me to be updated about David every minute.

 But then he released his debut album and it really made me happy and it was not just that. I was completely bewildered when by the end of 2008 rumours spread that David Archuleta together with the AI season 7  winner, David Cook, will come to the Philippines and have their first concert in Asia! It was like shit! And it was true, January of the next year came, it was confirmed and scheduled on May 16, 2009 at the Mall of Asia concert grounds. It was amazing but at the same time disappointing because I thought there would have some meet and greet after, but what am I thinking of course with the number of people in the concert it would be impossible.
    Me and Hez at MOA(DALIM1)

But then as least expected after a year he came back to Manila to promote his newly released 2nd album. The venue is in Sky Dome SM North November 17, 2010, and it was so far my craziest and unforgettable experience with him. Because unexpectedly I was given the chance to meet him and shake hands with him. I even cried, it was really overwhelming to meet him in person. His hand is big, his skin is like a porcelain, his head is also large I don't know if it was because of his hairstyle but overall his big smile was so flattering. It got me. Even more got me. XD
    Te Rae, te Lani and me, can't wait to see David

    A lot of Filipino fans are waiting for David

    Here he comes!

    Now signing for the 400 VIPs

    Desperate to have a pic with our idol, first we thought we can't make it to the signing but voila! We we're given a chance even though we're out of the 400 VIP! So kind of David. ^_^
    Just imagining that this is the real David, because we're not allowed to take pic with him. My so happy face!

July 19, 2011
And of course my source of inspiration for blogging today is what happened last night, after only half of the year he came back again for his first major concert which held on the Big Dome Araneta Coliseum. Amazing I must say, my payment is more worth it compare to MOA. Which make my feet ache by tiptoeing on their so called "reserved seating" unlike in Araneta which we're just sitting prettily while looking at David through our binoculars and even without the bino, we can still have a clear view of David performing.
After the concert, still can't get enough
We desperately wait outside the gate where, they say, David will come out.
Unfortunately, the guard said, David already passed, we weren't able to catch a glimpse of him, or even his car.
And for the last entry about my journey of being a fan of David, so far, tomorrow hopefully we can meet him and let him sign our The other side of down(Asian Tour Edition). I'll continue this post if it will be successful.

July 20, 2011
Oh my fucking gosh! We were able to go to San Lazaro and be one of the lucky 500, supposedly 300 but later change it when they've seen a lot of the fans wants to meet David. Funny how my other two friends te Rae and te Lani abandoned their works just to see David and me and Hezel had borrowed money for the sake of purchasing David's Asian tour edition of The other side of  Down.
We really didn't expect that a lot of people will go to SM San Lazaro which is a not that famous mall in Manila. But it was fun, I'm happy that a lot of fans really did their best to show David that we, his Filipino fans, loves him so much.
Had this gift for him, drew it myself, attached with a letter. Hope David will like this.
Another good thing, Hezel has a DSLR camera so we're able to shot a lot of David's pictures.
There's David, in his red shirt. XD
David got confused of what song to sing. :))
With the help of the host, he'd decided to sing "Everything and More."

A lot of my shots show David's side. Macho men look. :))
    Stolen shots, damn this big bouncers
So excited to meet David that when it's our turn we forgot what we practiced to tell him. Even forgot to have a photo with Daddy Jeff.
We are such a fan girling, I really laugh hard every time I remember how we chase David, even up to the parking lot and his car, we are so much of a die hard fans. I've never been like this before, only for David.

We've been so tired of chasing David we end up eating, reminiscing, laughing and thrilling, hahahahhaha.
Still desperate to be with him. Had a shot of a life sized David, we just assumed that it was really him.
We even want to take it home, but the SM caretaker won't let us. Even tempted to just stole it. >:D

David took off on 2am of July 21, 2011. We Filipinos gonna miss him. We're just hoping that David will come back again next year. He is our inspiration and source of strength through his meaningful songs. Because of David we even built friendship that we didn't expect to have. David is just an awesome guy, you'll definitely fall for him once you know him.

I recommend to read his book "Chords of Strength", truly inspirational, I loved him more after reading it.

LINK TO HIGH RES PICS..(Araneta) and (SM San Lazaro).
Photos in MOA and SM North courtesy of:
Hezel (
Ate Lani (
Ate Rae (

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