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September 23, 2011
As "Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho" featured about eat-all-you-can restaurants, we we're able to know about Cravings. And I'm happy to find out that it was just in Katipunan, behind our school campus. So Claire and I decided to ask our other friends to join us to eat there, we really crave for cakes. :)

For only P150, you can have as many cakes and coffee that you like, but they also have this tactic of not bringing out the cake immediately so you'll need to wait and wait before you'll be able to have one. Aileen and Camille choose not to go for cake-all-you-can, so they ordered this croissant thing and pasta?

I love the interior. :) Simple yet pleasing to look at. I guess the restau is under the well known Culinary school named CCA. Just a hypothesis coz we saw their huge billboards outside Cravings.

Camille, Aileen, Claire, Gelmer, Nancy & Joan, my UP friends. :)
Me smiling widely and palpitating that time coz of too much black coffee
I think the place is best for hanging out, I would love to do my school works their while waiting for their cake rotation. :))

The cakes? Just fine, too sweet some are too spongy. But I love the Pastillas and Devils cake? And I hate the black coffee, too strong that it made me uncomfortable. Next time I'll just go for latte.

Photo Credits: Camille (http://dajayjay.tumblr.com/) and Aileen

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