Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pan de Amerikana

September 15, 2011

Gelmer plead us to accompany her in this restaurant called Pan de Amerikana located in Marikina, she proudly told us that it was really a nice place and we would probably like it. And she's right, we love to stay there. The ambiance is so homey that you'll feel you're relax and comfortable.
Gelmer, Claire and me

The restaurant is well known with their large pandesals, I ordered one and it made me full, really full, paired up with halo-halo, which Claire claims it's too expensive for its content.
Something that the two ordered, it has this weird taste but it's good.
Aside from the main restau they also have recreational facilities like this large chess set and tree house with bridge. They also conduct art classes for kids every summer.

 The interior is really amazing, it was like your inside a magical forest with seats and that chess sets. I've heard that the owner is an Architect, that's why it really has a good interior. And as we roam around I even saw some of his plates as an undergrad student in UST, as I was a transferee from the same school.
More enchanting by night with the help of the cozy lights.
 Even have duyan, we lie there as we got tired of playing the huge chess set.

How to go: For a commuting passenger, it's so easy to reach it, coz all you need to do is just ride an SSS village jeep from Cubao, it also passes in Katipunan, we got off in Puregold jr and we walk for just 2mins to reach it.

Photo Credits: Gelmer and Claire.

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