Tuesday, September 27, 2011

National Museum and Museum of the Filipino

August 20, 2011
Because of the baby thesis I choose I need to do some researches and tours on some museums. Of course first on my list is the National Museum here in the Philippines.

Going there in a car, though I lived in Manila for almost 3 years, was a bit confusing. I'm with Hans and we're not sure if where's the entrance and which is the National Museum. Accidentally we reached the service entrance but it's near the entrance of the Museum of the Filipino so we just choose to go there first. We pay P100 for the entrance fee but I'm a student so I just paid P30. It's cheaper than I thought. :)

Empty hallway, love it coz it looks like the setting in the Tudors
 Museum of the Filipino is more on the culture of Filipinos, some are out of theme because they have galleries that can be rented for exhibits or events, like this one with artworks.

 After 2 hours of dating(ehe), I mean enjoying the collections in Museum of the Filipino, we rush to National Museum because we only got an hour left before it'll close.

The National Museum has no entrance fee. It is also under renovation til now, they we're preparing for (some sort of) their anniversary so when we went there we were able to see just half of their collections, and I notice they have all kinds of collections, from artifacts, to fossils to paintings of our National Artists.

So me and Hans promised to go back their again maybe next year or after the renovations been done.

As I watch GMA's documentary about Philippine's National treasures, it just sad to know that statistic shows every year the National Museum only has 500,000 visitors while the Mall of Asia has 100million? (I'm not sure of the digits, but I'm very sure that these two has a huge difference). Both have HVAC and just free of charge so I wonder why do Filipinos would rather choose to go to MOA than our National Museum.

Guys, we will learn a lot about our treasures and our culture as we visit these places. Even us lovers agreed that it's better to spend our time together here as we share our knowledge about the stuffs we see. We also get to know more of each other as we we we're getting to know about our culture.

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