Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smart to Sun

It's been a while since my last post, got too busy with some school works plus my smartbro's been repaired for almost 2 months yet nothing happened though they say they've "replaced" my unit, the heck, so now I bought a new broadband, sun which is plan 799. I already planned to have this one since June, and now my lost of Smartbro push me to buy one.

New sun! New bestfriend, hope you'll cooperate
So far, as its first night with me and here in my room in Cavite (as compared to Smartbro which can't be used here), though not that fast but it's finer than I've thought. It can load even if I open a lot of tabs at the same time. Mmm, I wonder if it'll gonna be faster tomorrow in QC.

(I'll update tom what will happen) But for now (while waiting for my potion to brew in Pottermore) I'll post my adventures and misadventures. :)

(Creepy, the wind whistles madly)

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