Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mary Grace

As UST had their last day this Friday, Sar and Ag invited mo to stay overnight in their place. But I have no idea that they we're planning that night to go to Makati. They wanted to eat something good in Greenbelt and to show me B-side.

And something good to them means Mary Grace.

Ag "Thinking of Mary Grace"
Sar, tweeting.
 It was a patisserie, with their goodilicious bread and yummy pastas.
 I love their set up, it's cozy and homey.
 With a nice pocket garden at the back, connecting to Greenbelt's own garden space.

 Very creative objects placed around the place.
And here comes our food.
 Mine is Chocolate truffle cake, oozing with yuminess. It was perfect for my taste buds, not too sweet but dark.  Love, love love it!

 Sar's a pasta, forgot the name, sorry, but it's also delicious and the aroma, I can't resist to beg Sar to let me taste it. T'was like a combined pizza and pasta with meatballs, something like that.
 Ag go for a pasta too, white sauce though, I think it's Carbonara, tastes good too but I would still choose Sar's. XD
 All of us got one order of this grilled cheese bread. It was so soft and the hot cheese inside makes you want some more. Definetly gonna order this one again if I go to Mary Grace.
Chow time.

The bill, for me it didn't cost us too much because the delicious food is just right for its price

Sar, the "compute-er"
Ag and her baby "Beyar", a talking bear.
Beyar, loves the nightlife

 Because I'm not contented to just eat outside Mary Grace, I go inside, curious what the restaurant's interior looks like.

 As expected, I'm like in a small warm cottage, full of yummy food.

Scrapy stuffs

 Done eating, we are now going to the collective(B-side).

Passed by Greenbelt's church
Photo Credit: Sar (

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