Sunday, October 09, 2011

The collective (B-side)

Curious what this B-side place is all about, but as we got their, to be honest, I'm shock with what it looks like. Because it was a little different with how I imagine as Sar and Ag described it to me. I thought it was just a linear bar and restaurant. But the B-side is inside a group of shops and restaurant called the Collective.

 But I so love the place that for me it was an Artist's Haven. Everywhere is so artsy, from graffitis in the wall, exhibits, stuffs for sale, food to stylish people.
Stolen shot of an artwork hooked in a seem to be small gallery 
 We wanted to enter this gallery but it's closed. :( We don't know why, but it looks like it was still undone.

Agnes San Jose. :)

-----right turn------>

 This costume shop was one of the only few shops open that night, it was so cool, I thought I can only find adult Halloween costumes in Divisoria, but here it is, now I know where to find in case I need some. :)
 They got a lot of choices, from Crayola to Disney Princesses' gowns.
pink wigs

Want to pose like sabog, but I can't. :C 
 Got so tired of roaming around, so we just sit along the corridor cause we don't like to go inside B-side, we're satisfied to just listen from here.

Lost Kids
 We don't know what else to do, so we decided to go to Kich's place which is just one block from where we are. But before that, we saw Saab Magalona, we wanted to take a photo with her but we didn't have the guts to go near her. :C Also Ag saw someone, wiwoot, won't talk. :D

And so we proceed to Kich's and fetch her, we ought to go for videoke, so Kich suggested to go to her, humbly said, mom's restaurant.
Thanks Kich for the free sizzling hotdog

Kich, Sar and Ag beside me
 The interior's been designed by her and her boyfriend, Paul, also my former blockmate in UST. There restau can be seen near Pasong Tamo, don't know the exact location. >.<

 Didn't able to have videoke because one of us, obviously who is, wanted to see that someone again. So we go back to the Collective.
Just had this photo and stayed till 230am. I'm so tired and sleepy, got no enery after a week of irregular sleeps. Gonna face again tomorrow another last and will be more toxic week for this sem.

The Collective can be found in Malugay street near the corner of Pedro Gil and Osmena Highway.

Photo Credits: Sar (

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