Tuesday, October 11, 2011


F*^%, that's my life, what should I do to make this better? I'm just praying that I will not plank in any of my subjects for this sem, I'm always in a rush with everything but the bad news is my grades is also in a rush, failed failed failed. I'm a huge FAILURE. XC

I always caught myself hooked with my laptop, looking at nonsense sites or blogs. Envious of the colorful posts they have, or making potions in Pottermore and fighting over Ravenclaw for the house points.
Self control. I need a self control, after this post I'll concentrate with what I ought to do. I just felt bad that I failed again with my Physics 3rd exam, this should not be happening, the worst I got the lowest score in our class, sh*&.

I just want to end this suffering, and with no removals or worse, retake

I promise to stay away from the internet. 

I envy my classmate(http://dajayjay.tumblr.com/) for posting her things to do, I'll also do mine:
Oct. 12: Structurals ass and reaction paper
Oct. 15: Calculus final exam
Oct. 17: Design plate and Urban Planning plate
Oct. 20: Physics exam(but I'm requesting to move earlier)
Oct. 19-26: TAO (Social Housing) workshop
Oct. 19: Papa's departure, back to his work. :( How am I suppose to divide myself, hope everything will be alright. 

All is well. All is well.

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