Monday, November 07, 2011

Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011

Sar invited Ag and me to go with her at Rockwell yesterday for the yearly Global Pinoy Bazaar which takes place this weekend. Sar had been there last year as a volunteer in Yabang Pinoy, the org that pushed the bazaar to happen.

We wanted to buy this but it's only for display, t'was like us, Ag, Sar and me on the left.

 It was a tiangge of local entrepreneurs some give discounts only for that day, though it has an entrance fee of P100 and P80 for seniors, going there is worth it. Variety of items can be found their from small accessories, apparels, furnishings, gadgets to food. Everything is such an eye candy we even had a hard time choosing what to buy.

Ag shopping for earrings

Me logging in to my FB acct for a free item on Philippine Polymer Clay Guild

Actually I'm not feeling well that day, got sinus.

Ag and Sar, "happy shopping"
I also have no money that time, I'm so broke, good thing Sar lend me some, I was able to buy some accessories, yipee! Just a bit sad cause I want to buy a dress on one of the shop, can't afford it. Next time really I'll prepare for this. 

After shopping we went to Happy Lemon, we just want to try a new food shop. Accidentally I ordered a tea with the same flav I love in Moonleaf. But I like more what Ag and Sar ordered, the shake with salt and cheese, yummy!

My hotdog and egg earring
Ag got a Mario and Luigi earring

Sar nom-nomming her Mary Grace cheese bread

Our friendship bracelet. :))
After eating, Sar insisted on taking our photos posing like on lookbook. But its hard to be concious so I got lame results. X))

Sar's outfit, love her boots
From outfit pose to friendship and stolen "kuno" pose. :))

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