Sunday, November 06, 2011

49 days

I become aware of this Korean drama as a local channel adopt and put it in their regular show. Even called it "Pure love" because they have another series named "100 days to heaven" to avoid confusion.

Lee Yo Won as Yi Kyung
I'm hooked with the character named Yi-Kyung living in a distressful isolation after her so loved boyfriend died. Lee Yo Won my favorite Korean Actress again did a good job delivering to the audience how lonely life is for Yi Kyung.

Her backgound music even made me teary eyed every time I hear it, it just reminds me how sorrowful Yi Kyung's life though I don't understand its Korean lyrics. X))

Link to the song: 잊을만도 한데 / Ijeulmando Hande (It’s Time to Forget) by 서영은 (Seo Young Eun)

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