Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lantern and Paskuhan 2011

Dec 16: It was now my second year in UP, and Im always spending the Lantern Parade with my friends from UST. I want so badly to join the parade but my close friends in UP didn't join this year so, together again with Ag, Rene and Sar we just watched the parade.

Before the start of parade, we ate again at their favorite tapsihan, the Rodics, and then proceed to moonleaf at Maginhawa. According to Sar, it was the first moonleaf branch. We're lucky enough to find it as Im not that familiar with the area.
a pack of tissue is my best friend, my sinusitis attacked again that time, wearing a ring given to me by Sar, watch coz Im always late. :O
I drew the four of us
As we come back in UP oval, we've been blocked by the Samsung people, offering us a challenge to do creative shots using their new camera, and the best group will win that same product. We're too eager to win but until now, we got no call or anything, I guess they already had chosen the winner from another group of friends.
Moving on, we're too busy taking vain shots when the parade already started.
After long wait, the Archi comes in the picture.
Archi's giant toblerone
College of Home Economics, they got the first place
Palma hall / AS bldg
sky of lanterns
Before the end of Lantern Parade we headed to UST Paskuhan. But after that day end, I'm shocked when I saw mama's message, worried if Im fine because an explosion happened in UP. But the damage is not that severe and I hope those been hurt are well now.

 I miss UST, this is the part I'm always missing here, the Christmas decos. The spirit flows all over the place.
Camel (Ag and Sar's former roomate), Ag, me and Renebs
 We've been fooling around. I miss this guys. :))
Renebs having fun taking stolen photos of us.
When we reach Uste, it was Ebe singing, then after him is Rico Blanco, next Sandwich and last band to perform is Urbandub.
Renebs at the background being serious, wahahaahha
Beato (Archi and CFAD building)
Hope we could still come back here as long as I got my UST ID with me. lol. My year is not complete without attending Paskuhan and Lantern with friends accompanying me, sharing nonsense stories, fun and laughter. :)

Photo courtesy: Sarah Mae Bombay

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