Wednesday, December 21, 2011

David's mission

I've been a fan of David Archuleta since he's in AI, I fell with his angelic voice and charming aura and killer smile (according to mama). And will it end now? Will this on-off fandom relationship with him will end now?
Yesterday he had a special announcement while on tour for his "My kind of Christmas" tour at Saltlake city, Utah, his hometown. He even cried but everyone applauded while still in shocked. But they knew, we all knew, that his always doing the right choice. It was his call of duty and everyone we're glad of how he faced and responsed with this kind of special mission. Though with teary hearts and confused minds, we dont know what will become of our idol, having fear of if we would still be able to get updates of his journey and will we still hear his voice. What we know is to just wait for him to be happy and successful with his chosen path. Assuming and wishing that one day he'll come back, more alive matured and greater. What we're just sure of is, whatever happen we're still here, supporting him.

Video courtesy: theofficialarchuleta

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