Friday, December 23, 2011

Clothes, Dorm, Spaghetti

This day was supposedly dedicated for organizing my closet. It was a disaster for almost a year now, plus the sudden and unknowingly increase in the number of its contents.
 My bed is jam-packed after the clothes went out of hiding. And I don't know how to start nor to organize them nor (the biggest problem) where to put them.
 I finished just half of it, I prioritize the clothes I'm always wearing and Ill still need to figure out tomorrow where the rest will stay.

My mama even suggested to just give the excess to the victims of Sendong. Ugh, not to look like a selfish brat, but Im so emotionally attached with my stuffs, BUT if....ugh I'll think about it.


Half of my day was spent waiting for Hans, no half is exaggerated, just for 2 hours in a mall near his work so I, knowing that I'll be in this situation, brought with me books about student housing for my Design plate. Wohoo! I'm starting my school works! Hope this will carry on till I'm done with it / before January.
 After a meaty hours of waiting, he bring me in another nearby mall to eat in a new-to-our-taste restaurant, so we chose "The Old Spaghetti House".

Is this really an old house of Spaghetti?
 I chose as my subject, none other than, Hans. He looks like the owner, having a photo shoot for a gourmet magazine. lol.
 Nice Christmas interior for an old vintage look furnishings.
 They only have a few customers because they're located in an isolated corner. But I can say their prices are not that heavy. Let's see if the food justifies the costs.
 I love the lamp shades, I'm eager and confident to take shots, a midst of only my champ phone is my tool, because of not that much eyes are looking at me.
No, as what can be seen in the photo, it was not only us that are eating that time, a couple are hiding at the corner in the next table right side. And a lady comes in before we leave the place.
 Oops, the name of the mall can be seen here.
 Hans Bolognese Red Sauce Spaghetti, it tastes good.
 5 cheese pizza, thin, crunchy and mouth melting cheese. For me, its a 5 star.
 My Chicken Tenders with Pepper gravy, I'm bewildered with the huge plate but the meal also makes me full.
 Hans also feel the same with his spag, add to it the pizza that we shared. Total of so much fullness.
 Super thin crust so we fold it in half, yum!
Hans, chewing his slice.

This is our mini celeb for both Christmas and our 19th month, as we can't meet again because of some reasons and because Holiday fall on weekend. :(

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